With the majority of products for our homes and lives, being made in China, Japan, Korea et al.
And with this high quantity of products being pumped out daily,
the quality and sanitation standards are generally not kept as they should be.

These production facilities generally do not conform to the same standards for quality as here in the US.
Nor are they made to.
Neither are the employees performing the labor tasks of manufacturing the item checked for parasites or infectious diseases.
I.e.; an employee with crusted scabies could be on a production line packaging wigs
and infest this wig making it a FOMITE for the scabies. 

No one would know at the time, it would be denied if questioned
- which would leave the recipient of said wig infected/infested.
They would then have to sustain the duration of time it would take to eliminate the infestation.
It could take up to or more than a year to break the hatch cycle.
and they wouldn't be able to find anyone that would assist them in pointing a finger at the manufacturer.
Granted, it would be an isolated case, but perhaps not. . . either way no one wants to assist. . .

Even with well documented digital photography, etc. . . lawyers want a Doctors diagnosis
to proceed with any type of negligence litigation and
most doctors don't know what they're looking for or at or how to treat Scabies other than
what they've read from the CDC and the CDC doesn't even have the right direction.

And most doctors / dermatologists will think the person is crazy, or better yet imagining everything.
Or that they have some other type of skin irritation and they will tell the patient
to try this cream and come back in a month. . . ?

Nor do they want to be involved in litigation!

A battle with scabies is a battle of wits with something without a brain!
And it could make a weak soul crazy going thru it!
And it can take a year or more to break the hatch cycle -
even using Premethrin Cream or Premethrin 10% and Ivermectin
and Ayurvedic Practices!
Even using Ivermectin everyday and sometimes twice a day
as it only has around a 12 hours run time to kill!

Crusted scabies is also called Norwegian scabies. Persons with crusted scabies have thick crusts of skin that contain large numbers of scabies mites and eggs.
Past studies show that these Scabies mites can be dormant for up to 20 days before dying.
This is generally found with the  ATYPICAL - Norwegian Scabies from their dense population.
Not the normal 36 to 72 hours as so many report for the NORMAL Scabies Mite.
Advances in Parasitology,
Volume 79, page 342, 2012

Female tritonymphs   [note: tritonymphs are mature adults that can lay eggs —
 this takes about 14 days after hatching] have been reported to survive as long as 19 days at 10°C [50°F]
and 97% relative humidity (Arlian et al., 1989).
This survival coupled with the recovery of live mites from the homes of scabies cases (Arlian et al., 1988)
indicates that fomites may have a role in transmission.

Stuffed toys for our children are another great carrier for these microscopic parasites.
Plus many other items that we could and do come in contact with in our daily lives,
Think About It!

And then we have the sites that are scamming people into buying products to eliminate the parasites,
when all they do is eliminate their hard earned money from them and do very little to aid in recovery.

Disclaimer: I am non-profit and my research is being done
to hopefully eliminate as much of the ill fate of the scam artists that I can
and educate those that I can that are suffering from the
Scabies Mite - Sarcoptes scabiei.

This seems to be becoming more and more of a problem here in the US.
and no one is paying much attention to it besides the blogs and scammers!

The above is My Opinion!

Help me do more about this ! 


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